Cybele/Astarte with drum, Carthage, circa 5th-3rd century, B.C.E. Barbara Gail of The Rhythm Inlet with drum, Nokomis, circa 2004 A.D.

When the Drummers Were Women:
An Art Herstory Slide Show Presentation & Ritual Drum Performance  

The lost but not forgotten herstory of women as the primary percussionists in Ancient Times, comes alive in the images of actual artifacts from temples & museums, collected by my teacher & friend, The Late Great Layne Redmond, author of When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm. Named Goddesses, Priestesses, & Unnamed Women are depicted playing the frame drum, the oldest known, most universal drum, dating as far back as 5600 BCE.

The first named female drummer known was Lipushiau, the highest ranking…

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Faerie Elaine Silver & BG

Rhythm & Song: Faerie Elaine Silver, James Alexander, & Barbara Gail

Rev. “Faerie” Elaine is a seasoned & consummate musician, accomplished singer, songwriter, touring & recording artist with 20 CDs to date, & counting. Known in her original home as “The Folk Music Queen of New Jersey”, she sings of the earth, peace, & life, teaching & sharing universal, positive principals in her Musical Ministry. Due to her life-long enthusiasm for The Fab Four, Elaine has become a Certified Beatleologist.

Elaine & her bass-playing husband, James Alexander, & Drummer Percussionist Barbara Gail, offer concerts as Rhythm & Song…

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