Women's Circle Dance at the Summer Solstice, 2015

Women, Rhythm & Ritual: Summer Solstice 

Join Barbara Gail & a circle of women in ceremony & celebration, with inspiring Circle Dance, SongChant, & a Healing Drum Temple. A special, mid-point of the year participatory event that welcomes all women & teen girls.

In a flowing ritual of music & movement that assists in healing, clearing, & re-emerging, we embrace the archetype of Yemaya, Mother Goddess of the Sea, seeking her Water’s Reflection for InSight on the blessings of the past, the beauty of each moment, &…

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DrumRise! Prepares to Perform at the Winter Solstice, 2015, photo JoEllyn Bavosa

Winter Solstice: Enter Darkness, Return to Light (welcome Men & Women)

Join Barbara Gail for a memorable & meaningful participatory event that honors the the longest night of the year & the growing daylight. We’ll clear away the old & that which no longer serves, preparing fresh ground for the garden of new intentions. Bless the past, gift ourselves the present, envision the future.

Together we’ll descend into & sit in silent darkness, like seeds dreaming underground…

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Greek Priestesses with Frame Drums, circa 420 BCE

Women, Rhythm & Ritual: New Moon & Full Moon Temples for Women 

Went to the drum temple in January & loved it!! I was transformed by the beat of the drum into the sacred space of the ancestors that came before us. Good for the heart & the soul! Look forward to it again tonight! ~ Linda Nelson

Whether a dark, moonless sky, or a bright full moon night, it’s the perfect time for women to gather in a circle to ReSet, ReStore, ReCenter, ReVise, & ReNew.

Enter your Women’s Temple & tap into the magic of Rhythmic Wisdom! Experience a Rhythmic Clearing Meditation, InnerVision DrumJourneyHealing Drum Temple, & InPowering Drum Circle, all led by Barbara Gail.

The first known & named female drummer was Lipushiau, the highest ranking Priestess in the city-state of Ur, in Mesopotamia, around 2380 BCE…

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Moonrise: Daughters of an Ancient Pulse, Summer Solstice, Portland, Maine, 1999

Women, Rhythm & Ritual: The Tambourine in the Layne Redmond Tradition

I had no idea how much fun it is to play the tambourine until the sacred instruction and ceremony today!!! 🙏💕💚🦢 ~ Lynn, New Mexico, online event, 2022

The tambourine is much more than what we see & hear in popular music, which simply hits it to make the cymbals ring. But this jingled frame drum is actually a powerful, trance-inducing instrument, steeped in a rich, spiritual women’s herstory for use in ceremonial procession, & unifying the community in celebration. From cool jingle rolls to mesmerizing rhythms, there’s so much sound from one small drum!

A contemporary twist on an ancient women’s tradition, this beginner drum class is

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BG with Her Frame Drum at the Torhousekie Stone Circle, Wigtown, Scotland, Her Husband's Ancestral Lands

Women, Rhythm & Ritual: The Frame Drum in The Layne Redmond Tradition

I learned so much from you & can’t thank you enough for activating my DNA & reminding me of the deep importance of being united in sisterhood & ceremony. The enjoyment of Music & Rhythm has been reborn within me. ~ Kylee, Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering 2019

The simple frame drum is the most universal drum on the planet. It’s also a powerful, trance-inducing instrument steeped in a rich, spiritual women’s herstory that was used in ceremonial procession & community-unifying celebration throughout the Ancient Mediterranean World.

A beginner drum workshop to learn the basic strokes of the frame drum, rhythm patterns, & some of its ancient herstory,

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Lend Me your Eyes & Ears, Change what you See & Hear

Women, Rhythm & Ritual: SpiralSong SongChants

Sing yourself into YES! A radical re-start button, where the power of positive affirmation meets rhythmic chant. SpiralSong utilizes the concepts of supportive self-talk, joyful communal singing, compassionate sisterhood, repetitive mantra, & pranayama (breath), literally giving voice to our heart’s true inner wisdom of love & light. Awaken into a calm yet energized space of empowered positivity in mind, body, & spirit.

Why sing? The drum is the most primal, the dance is the most intimate, & the voice is the most personal. When we’re singing, so much is happening…

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Dance Your Soul Free!

Women, Rhythm & Ritual: Dance Your Soul Free

move the body
still the mind
heal the heart
rock the spirit
stir the soul
root in the drumbeat
open emotions
shift patterns
dive into oceans
fly on the wind…

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"The Songs of Joy", painting by James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French, 1836-1902) at the Jewish Museum, New York, depicting Miriam the Prophetess Leading Women. Many of the paintings by Tissot feature female framedrummers, particularly in the context of processions of the Ark of the Covenant.

Women, Rhythm & Ritual: Daughters of Miriam

In honor of & celebration of the beloved Hebrew leader, Miriam, Barbara blends a Joyful Circle Dance, Rhythmic Wisdom Meditation, Inner Journey, & Women’s Empowering Singing & Drumming.

For women’s circles & gatherings of any denomination — or no denomination at all — to connect with Miriam, a Prophetess, Priestess, & Drummer of Ancient Times.

The story goes that Miriam, sister of Moses, was a Prophetess who had a gift of seeing into the future, & had predicted

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