Greek Priestesses with Frame Drums, circa 420 BCE

New Moon & Full Moon Temples for Women 

During a dark, moonless sky, or a bright full moon night, it’s the perfect time for women to gather in a circle to ReStore, ReSet, ReVise, ReAlign, & ReNew.

Enter your Women’s Temple & tap into the magic of Feminine Rhythmic Wisdom! Experiences may include The Pulse of the Earth & Stars Meditation, The Pulse of the Earth & Moon Meditation, Healing Drum Temple, InnerVision Journey, & Women’s Empowerment Drum Circle, all led by Barbara Gail.

The first known & named female drummer was Lipushiau, the highest ranking Priestess in the city-state of Ur, in Mesopotamia, around 2380 BCE. Throughout the Ancient Mediterranean World, the drummers were predominantly women. Sacred drumming…

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Summer Solstice Women, 2016

Women’s Summer Solstice 
Join Barbara Gail & friends, gathering in a circle of women on the beach at sunset, for Healing Drumming, Circle Dance, & SongChant. In Ceremony & Celebration of the mid-point of the year, this participatory experience welcomes all women & teen girls.

In a flowing ritual of music & movement that assists in healing, clearing, evolving & emerging, we embrace the archetype of Yemaya, Mother Goddess of the Sea, seeking her Water’s Reflection for InSight on the blessings of the past, the beauty of each moment, & Re-In-Visioning our future.

And, yeah, into the arms of the Mother Gulf we go!

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Winter Solstice, Lido Beach, 2015

Winter Solstice for Men & Women: Enter Darkness, Return to Light

Join Barbara Gail & her group, DrumRise! The Art of Women’s Drumming, in a circle on the beach for a memorable & meaningful participatory event that honors the the longest night of the year & the growing daylight. We’ll clear away the old & that which no longer serves, preparing fresh ground for the garden of new intentions. Bless the past, gift ourselves the present, envision the future.

Together we’ll descend into & sit in silent darkness, like seeds dreaming underground…

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Barbara Leads Wedding Procession with Drummers Tracy & Lana, & Bride & Groom JoEllyn & Wyatt, 2016

Weddings, Memorials, Festivals, & More

Barbara Gail is experienced & interested in hearing about your memorable event.

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