Barbara Gail & Her Layne Redmond Signature Riq, Winter Solstice, 2016

In-person Tambourine Workshop & Women’s Tambourine Processional
with Barbara Gail, in the Layne Redmond Tradition
Thursday, November 11, 2021; Workshop: 4pm; Processional: 10pm
The Percussive Arts Society’s International Convention, Indianapolis, IN

The day & place of  Layne Redmond’s Induction into The Hall of Fame!

I’m thrilled & deeply honored to share with you that I’ll be teaching this workshop during the 4-day Percussive Arts Society’s International Convention (PASIC), in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the largest annual percussive arts convention in the world!

On this auspicious date, that very evening, my teacher & friend, Layne Redmond (1952-2013), will be posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame in a special ceremony at this convention. And in a field dominated by men, it’s huge that the author of “When the Drummers Were Women: a Spiritual History of Rhythm” — unearthing & documenting the lost but not forgotten herstory of Ancient Priestess Drummers — is being inducted into their Hall of Fame!

It will be my privilege to represent Layne & all the Daughters of this Ancient Pulse — women frame drummers of today, of yesterday, & of tomorrow.

🌸⚪️🌸 Description…

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Moonrise performing in The Maine Arts Festival, August, 2000

Women, Rhythm & Ritual:
an Online Ceremonial Circle, Along “The Tambourine Path”

Saturday, October 30, 2021; 5pm, EDT.
(Please use an online time conversion calculator, for your location.)

Held Live & Online, for women on The Path of the Tambourine 🌸⚪️🌸

Visit the Facebook Event Page

🌸⚪️🌸 What it is…

An online (zoom) tambourine ritual for the students & followers of Barbara Gail’s free beginner tambourine lessons called “The Tambourine Path“, available on her YouTube channel, which you can check out here: BG’s Frame Drum & Tambourine YouTube Videos

This beginner-friendly event will be held LIVE, & there is no charge. Optional donations will be accepted. Because of its ceremonial nature, there will be NO REPLAY.

🌸⚪️🌸 Imagine…

A sacred space that emerges & grows through InnerVision Drum Journey, SongChant, & Sacred Invocation.

An honoring of the women in our ‘circle’, The Ancestors, The Daughters of an Ancient Pulse, & Layne Redmond, for her inspiring gifts, contributions, & legacy.

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Miss Barbara with a Rainbow Ukulele

Kids Free Online Ukulele Class! With Ms Barbara & her Niece, 9-year-old Sophie
5 Saturdays: July 11, 2020 ~ August 8, 2020; 1-1:45pm(ish)

Sophie & Ms Barbara are co-creating this class, so they decided to also co-create a video to tell you all about it! Please watch our video here.

Barbara Gail (who co-owns The Ukulele Place with her husband, Jeff Hanna), & her 3rd-grade niece, Sophie, invite all children going into 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grades, to join them for 5-weeks of online, group learning & music-making fun.

Their upcoming class will be held ‘live’ on zoom, & offered for free & by donation.

Sophie & her Aunt Barbara live hundreds of miles apart, but are now closer than ever thanks to the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, & the gift of FaceTime. While taking Jeff’s Beginner Ukulele Class together on zoom in May & June,

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BG Leading Summer Solstice 2017, with Healers Robin Tanzzi, JoEllyn Bavosa, & Cat Randall

Women, Rhythm, & Ritual: Goddess of the Summer Solstice
Friday, June 19, 2020; 7pm

Due to COVID-19, I decided to create a video for your healing & inspiring Summer Solstice / Solar Eclipse Ceremony. In this video, I explain what you’ll need for your home sanctuary ceremony, & gently guide you through it. I hope it serves you, namaste. View your Summer Solstice Ceremony video here.

Join Barbara & friends for our annual event, welcoming women, girls, & babes-in-arms, in ceremony & celebration of the mid-point of the year.

For women seeking connection in a group experience inspired by seasonal cycles, Barbara Gail weaves a unique, meditative, thoughtfully-crafted, sacred space. With an intention for inner healing, clearing, centering, InSight, InSpiration, & to activate our highest vibration, our container is a shared journey infused with an alchemy of Rhythm, Sound, Movement, the Elements, & the Feminine Soul.

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Yoga Friends with Miss Barbara at Earth Task Crew Camp, 2015

Yoga Friends for Kids: a Workshop for 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
June 6, 2020; Thrive Yoga, Bradenton


The Message is in the Movement, the Magic is in the Music!

In this 4.5 hour workshop, Barbara Gail will share tips & techniques, & talk about the challenges & joys of teaching yoga to children, to Thrive Yoga’s 200-YTT students. Barbara’s background as a specialist in leading groups young children’s music & movement classes will bring a unique skillset these students.

Children enjoy happy, healthy fun in Barbara’s Yoga Friends classes. They’re music-based, child-centered, sometimes silly, often energetic, & include creative movement, songs, & magic flying yoga-mat journeys. After most classes, children can take home their fun props, that inspires at-home yoga-play with friends & family.

Barbara’s children’s yoga classes deliver all the benefits of yoga in the way children learn best — through experiential play. And our catalyst is music. Children love & respond naturally to music, & the human brain, as well as mind-body memory, are so deeply supported by catchy tunes & the familiarity of lyrics.

Yoga Friends assists children’s physical, emotional, social, & mental development. Yoga’s coordination, flexibility, strength, focus, & balance, are all evident, as children learn

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BG at The Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering, Oceanside San Diego, January, 2019

Goddess Weekend Retreat
Friday, March 27 6 pm ~ Sunday, March 29, 2020; 3pm
East of Sarasota, private home retreat


Ladies! This retreat in Sarasota, Florida looks amazing, & I’ll be there!

Weather-wise it’s a fantastic time of year to be here. And astrologically it’s the perfect time to choose YOU! Heal, breathe, create, commune, connect, move, stretch, drum, learn, evolve, all this among women & in a beautiful, natural setting. This Spring, I encourage you to choose YOU! Mercury will be coming out of its retrograde cycle in Pisces, having reviewed & ironed out some of our inner healing & spiritual work. And Saturn will be changing signs after three years in Capricorn, now moving into Aquarius! A perfect time to re-structure & re-calibrate higher mind, supreme intentions, reconnect to your muse for inspiration, & align with your soul purpose, so that you can create manifestation! Your body, heart, spirit & soul will thank you!

Join us in the following activities that will Renew, Refresh, Restore! Together, we’ll discover

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Spring Stirs, Spring Awakens, Spring Cleanses, Spring Greens

Spring Equinox Ceremony: Dreams & Intentions, Sprouting Seeds, Taking Root
Hosted by Barbara Gail & Jo Mooy
Friday, March 20, 2020
Rising Tide International, 5102 Swift Rd., Sarasota

THIS EVENT WAS CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19, so I made a video for your Spring Equinox Ceremony instead! Enjoy, & namaste. Blessed Spring! Watch the video here.

Men, women, & well-behaved children are all welcome!

Ahhh, the Equinox, night & day in equal balance. We get 2 of them, one Vernal (Spring), the other Autumnal (Fall).

The Spring Equinox is a time of renewal, rebirth, planting & seeding. The Goddess Oestre is the Germanic name for the Goddess of Spring which signaled the planting season in ancient calendars. Her name, Oestre, survived into the modern Christian holiday, as Easter.

On March 20th Barbara Gail leads the meditation circle for the Spring Equinox Ceremony. She’s an experienced ceremonialist with a deep respect for the changing cycles. She brings nuances to the ceremony that enliven the gather.

For her Spring Equinox 2020 community ceremony & celebration, Barbara Gail sprinkles a touch of playfulness, humor & levity, while facilitating a sacred space of mindful practices that speak to the themes of this cardinal season.

She encourages us to wear the pastel colors of green, blue, yellow, & pink (one, some, or all the colors), & bring

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BG, only minutes before her women's frame drum workshop in San Diego, 2020

The Gaia Revolution: Lake Bryan Forest Women’s Retreat
Friday, March 13, 2020; 12pm ~ Tuesday, March 17, 2020; 12pm
Ocala National Forest
3199 NE Highway 315, Ocala, Florida 34488
Hosted by The Gaia Revolution

Ladies! This retreat in Ocala, Florida looks amazing, & I’ll be there!

Weather-wise it’s a fantastic time of year to be here. And astrologically it’s the perfect time to choose YOU! Heal, breathe, create, commune, connect, move, stretch, drum, learn, evolve, all this among women & in a beautiful, natural setting.

I’ll be teaching, performing, presenting, & facilitating on 4 occasions. There’s a lineup of other outstanding, hand-selected instructors & facilitators, & I know it’ll be a phenomenal & transformational retreat for me, & all who are in attendance.

Rhythm. Pulse. Entrainment. A World of Drums. Playful. Sacred. Ritual. Journey. Temple. The Elements. The Ancient Ones. The Frame Drum. Herstory. When the Drummers Were Women. Boom Boom Cha!

These words describe The Magic of the Blessed Beat! I’ll be weaving all of this Rhythmic Wisdom throughout our weekend, welcoming raw beginners, drumming enthusiasts, & experienced drummers alike.

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Drum Circle at Camp Kidding Around Yoga, 2018

Make a Joyful Noise! A Multi-generational Drum Circle Celebration Circle for Purim
Chabad of Sarasota Synagogue
Wednesday, March 4, 2020; 5pm

A lively presentation & hands-on evening in community rhythm-making!

Barbara Gail, B.A. Education, weaves her extensive background to skillfully create a tailor-made experience that delivers health & happiness to body, mind, & soul. Edu-taining & participatory, with techniques you can use to play her large collection of world percussion instruments, provided. With no musical experience necessary, this program is appropriate for the whole family, inspiring newcomers to rhythm, the once-were musicians, & the musically active, to collectively be childlike & make a joyful noise!

The HeartBeat is our common ground, we all carry an inner knowing of The Universal Language of Rhythm.

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BG & her Djembe, Performing at Wellness Fest 2009

Beginner W. African Djembe: Weekly Hand-drumming Classes this Spring!
at The Ukulele Place at The Rhythm Inlet, Nokomis
8 Wednesdays: February 26 ~ April 15, 2020; 7-8:30pm

Learn to play the most popular hand-drum, with the owner of The Rhythm Inlet!

With a focus on teaching proper hand technique & interlocking rhythm patterns, she masterfully & sequentially brings you to finding your place in the beat, & your class to playing as a multi-rhythmic ensemble.

Perfect for raw beginners, drum circle enthusiasts, musicians seeking rhythmic training, & folks with some exposure to drumming who want instruction with a solid foundation.

Welcome adults, motivated teens, & youth ages 10 & up with instructor permission. No musical experience needed. Group rhythmic entrainment is relaxing & energizing, & a positive experience for all!

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BG teaching frame drumming in 2019 at SSGG4. Image used for 2020's SSGG5.

Barbara Gail Returns to The 5th Annual Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering
Friday thru Sunday, January 10 ~ 12, 2020
Fallbrook, California

Goddesses! Join me & this amazing tribe, at our 5th annual retreat!

I’ll be facilitating a frame drum temple experience on Saturday, within a full & inspired schedule of workshops, ceremonies & activations. This is the up-level event that I look forward to each year, a tribe of evolving souls. This is the gathering where I go to continue becoming a better version of myself.

Consciously curated for the healing & empowerment of womxn, those who identify as womxn, men & those who identify as men, & non-binary folks — those of us who hear the call as they seek Goddess integration in their lives. Our annual retreat features various presenters & vendors offering experiential presentations, myriad activities, & products, tools & services that aim to heal, inspire, & alchemize all that you hold within your highest self.

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