Yoga with my Friends is A-O-KAY!

Yoga Friends, with Miss Barbara
The Message is in the Movement, the Magic is in the Music!

Children’s yoga classes with Miss Barbara are music-based, silly & energetic, with inspired movement, songs, fun props, & magic yoga-mat rides! While learning yoga postures, & child-appropriate deep breathing, & relaxation techniques, together we develop coordination, flexibility, focus, strength & balance, while cultivating creativity, cooperation, kindness, an attitude of gratitude, clear minds & joyful hearts.

Enjoy happy, healthy fun, playfully singing & dancing our way through yoga…

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Miss Barbara & "A World of Drums: The Magic of Rhythm for Kids", at a Library in Maine, 1996

A World of Drums: The Magic of Rhythm for Kids!

This lively presentation & hands-on program joins strangers & friends for community-style music-making, is appropriate for all sorts of groups & ages, & it’s entertaining, educational & fun! Requiring absolutely no prior musical experience, it includes participation of everyone, & can inspire newcomers to rhythm & music, awaken the latent musician within, & expand the possibilities of those who are already musically active.

Specially prepared for your specific group situation, Barbara has joyfully presented…

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Miss Barbara, Isaac & Joshua, The Magic of Drum & Dance for the Young Child Weekly Class, 1997

Wiggle Wiggle Boom Boom! Music & Movement for the Young Child

Play drums, rattles, bells, move your body, dance a beat! A family-style music & movement program, where children learn, blossom, & grow in our circle!

Our Welcome Cheer opens the hour, & art-making at the end integrates the experience. This child-centered class joyfully explores expressive rhythm & dance activities that emphasize listening, sharing, respect, leading, following, & other cooperative…

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Miss Barbara with a Rainbow Ukulele

Music Rainbow

Barbara Gail, B.A. Education, developed this unique program in 2013-14 during her position as the weekly pre-school, kindergarten, & 1st grade music teacher for about 100 children, at Island Village Montessori, in Venice, Florida.

With her magical way with children & decades of experience specializing in original…

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